What is a Pessary?

A pessary is a silicone covered nonporous prosthetic devices on a slim metal frame that can be inserted into the vagina to reduce the protrusion of pelvic structures into the vagina. Pessaries are of varying shapes and sizes.

What are they used for?

Pessaries function by holding up the prolapse, acting as a “scaffolding” inside the vagina. The best kinds of pelvic floor issues that respond to pessary usage are uterine prolapse, cystocele (bladder prolapse),  and occasionally stress incontinence.

The most common one we size people for is the ring-with-support pessary. Pessary use is usually a commitment, and some ladies are motivated to use them if they want to avoid pelvic floor surgery or if they are not a surgical candidate. For the most part, they are fitted by a physician, but there is one brand (Uresta) that can be ordered by a pharmacy for patients to fit themselves at home.