Fertility | Fees

The fertility consultation is covered by your Medical Services Plan (MSP) with a referral from a family physician or walk in clinic. You may self-refer, but your consult would not be covered by MSP.

If you currently have a fertility doctor, the Blossom Fertility and Medical Clinic team can liaise with your doctor to provide complimentary services.

Most fertility tests and some procedures are covered by MSP.

The following are non-insured services:

IUI & Superovulation
Superovulation Cycle Management $750
IUI Cycle Management $150
IUI Cycle Management with Ultrasound $225
Medications superovulation – estimated cost $1500-2500
Superovulation conversion to IVF, as necessary $1550
Sperm wash and preparation for IUI $500
Donor Insemination
Donor sperm orientation $225
Purchase of donor sperm samples per unit (Open ID only) $600-1000
Donor sperm receipt, processing $200
Donor sperm processing (second order in one year) $100
Donor sperm preparation for IUI (prewashed sample) $300
Donor sperm preparation for IUI (unwashed sample) $500
Sperm Freeze orientation In development
Semen Profile  (Analysis) $100
Semen Profile – Retrograde $135
Sperm Antibody Testing $225
Elective Sperm Freezing In development
Trial Wash $200
Sperm wash for IUI $500
Retrograde Sperm wash for IUI $525
Sperm Storage per year In development
2 Years  of Sperm Storage In development